Do I have to be a certain age to shoot?
No it is down to the shooter’s physical size. 10/12 is a good bench mark.
Do I need to be a license holder to use a gun to shoot?
No, you can be escorted round the site with the equipment.
What should I wear?
The shooting ground is in a field so we recommend some sturdy boots or wellingtons. Please remember you will be outside so dress for according to the weather on the day.
Are your instructors qualified?
Greenfield Entertaintments are affiliated with Association of Professional Shooting Instructors and British Association of Shooting and Conservation. All our shooting instructors have coaching qualifications from at least one of these organisations. See the Team page for full details.
How do you handle online payments?
When you click on a Buy Now link, you are immediately redirected to a secure server and that is where you enter all your details. The service provider has been in business for 20 years and provides Remote Shopping Cart Services to aproximately 145,000 business accounts online in 120 countries. You do not enter and we do not store any credit card details on our site.

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Sunday 19th May 2024

Please call, text or email to book your slot

07899 905851


Scores on the 6th May: Richard 43/70, Nick 80/100, Roger 25/36. Please do hand your cards in for a mention.

Shooters guidance. Please click here.


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For licence holders/experienced shots and novices.
Please call Sally in the office to book 01869 354949


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