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April 2021

Corona virus update:

We are open.

CPSA latest guidelines.

Please see main page and face book for up dates.

Gov and CPSA guidance applies. Please see pdf download.

Stay safe.

Robin and Sally

And this is the 3/5 width column content area which should be in the middle. Not the left or the right. And if you mark the bit that says center “no” to yes, it becomes wider that 3/5 ! Which shoves down the bit on the right. Must check documentation for shortcodes ultimate to see what center = yes is supposed to do.

Left and right are 1/5 width of available area.

The right column gets its data from the posts, which you will edit to update, while the left hand column shows the Twitter feed and the Faebook feed. And they appear to be the same content to me. So something is happening automatically and only one of them is needed, IMHO. Then it would be given more space to fill more of the column

The Twitter feed is scrollable and can go back a long way, the Facebook feed is fixed just now at just 4, but that can be increased.

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Next Open Shoot

Sunday 24 October

Please call, text or email to book your slot

07899 905851


Shooters guidance. Please click here.

Scores on 10 Oct: John 74, Guy 72, Dave 70, Jason 63, Lewis 55, Debs 50, Rhys 34/50.


For licence holders/experienced shots and novices.
Please call Sally in the office to book 01869 354949


Order online or email


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