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April 2021

Corona virus update:

We are open.

CPSA latest guidelines.

Please see main page and face book for up dates.

Gov and CPSA guidance applies. Please see pdf download.

Stay safe.

Robin and Sally

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The Twitter feed is scrollable and can go back a long way, the Facebook feed is fixed just now at just 4, but that can be increased.

Lastest News

Next Open Shoot

Sunday 22nd May 2022

Please call, text or email to book your slot

07899 905851


Shooters guidance. Please click here.

We still have the 2 Cornbury Festival tickets (includes parking)

Please send your bid to Sally before the end of May. The money raised will be shared between Marine conservation and Alzheimer’s Research. Highest bid on 1st June gets the tickets.

Scores on 8th May: Graham 74, Chris 46/50

Results of the Tom Dunkley Memorial Trophy Shoot: Top Gun Phil Easeman 95, 2nd Trevor Stanton 91, 3rd Henry Young 90, Top Lady Julie 71 and Top Junior Katrina 75.

Dave Parker 87, Richard 86, Graham 85, Andy 84, Guy 81


For licence holders/experienced shots and novices.
Please call Sally in the office to book 01869 354949


Order online or email


Sally's other business

Need an artist impression for sales or planning? Look no further than Sally’s other website – just click the logo or image.